ADINFO Bazy Danych (Databases)

“ad info” comes from Latin and means “for information”, analogous to “ad astra” – “towards the stars”. The “database” is related to the specificity of handling large collections of information.
Are you ready for the future in security?

Mobile physical protection application

Mobile applications have become widely used. It’s time to simplify the work of managers, supervisors and security personnel by giving them the ability to use mobile solutions. The Guard Report mobile application allows you to report all activity in real time


Managing security staff has never been so easy.
Our application allows you to have all your security issues in one place. Clients, employees, objects, posts, equipment, reports, and more are easily accessible via a customized web based application.


A revolutionary online reporting system that allows users to manage multiple tasks and processes in one place. The system provides flexible features and a tailor-made interface.
Security management in the organization will never be the same.

What are the benefits of using our solutions?


Data security, integration of monitoring systems


Ensuring invoicing of all monitored objects, limiting invoicing time, efficient collection of invoices


Control over the timeliness and accounting of services, maintenance and installation


Savings on the purchase of necessary devices


No need to purchase multiple external licenses


Control of facilities and employees, instant access to data about the state of each task including the cost-effectiveness of the contracts
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