ADINFO OCHRONA integrates the work of all departments

Security Companies

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Marketing / CRM

The CRM tools included in the Marketing program enable the registration and planning of meetings or contacts with potential clients.


The Monitoring Station receives ready, previously registered in Marketing or in the Technical Department, the data of objects to be monitored.

Physical protection

The Physical Protection in Ochrona System program introduces a new quality into the work of the management of the security company.


The Convoying program is used to record customer data, contacts, objects and the scope of escort services provided.


The Sorting program works in an architecture that enables the work of many sorting plants, regardless of the connection status with the control panel.

Technical Support

Users of the Technical Support program work primarily on orders previously registered in the Marketing program or directly entered by employees of the Technical Department.


Employees in the warehouse receive orders from the Technical Department or Physical Protection, where they are given to whom and when to publish articles and on which object.

Invoicing and debt collection

Invoices for subscription services are issued on the basis of contracts. The program generates payment invitations that can be printed along with the invoice.

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